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Forest Hill Swim Club reserves the right to close the pool and grounds due to inclement weather conditions. As a rule, we will be open if temperatures exceed 60 degrees and conditions are dry. However, we will decide not to open, or close early, if rain and/or thunderstorms persist, regardless of the temperature. Always check the calendar or call the pool at 216-321-5067 if there is any doubt. Additionally, we are required by law to clear the pool when thunder and/or lightning are present. Members are permitted to remain on the grounds during these storm breaks at their own risk. The pool will re-open once the thunder and/or lightning have been gone for no less than 30 minutes.


Guests are only permitted with a paid guest pass which can be purchased at the guard office. Before being admitted into the pool, all guests will be required sign in at the guard office with their Member Host. There they will be required to present their paid guest pass, sign a WAIVER and get a wrist band which must be worn. Guest are limited to a maximum of 5 visits per season. For larger parties or events please contact the Pool Manager at 216-321-5067.

Picnic Grounds

Our picnic area provides ample tables and grills for the use of all members. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, but glass containers and glassware are strictly prohibited – for all of the obvious reasons. We also provide plenty of trash cans so please be diligent about keeping the area clean – we pay the lifeguards to keep our children safe in the pool, not as a grounds maintenance crew. The grounds close promptly at 9:00 pm, thus it is imperative that you allow enough time to clean up/pack up all of your picnic supplies and are ready to go.

Unattended Children

Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or sibling who is at least 14 years of age. Children 9 and up who have passed the deep-water test may attend the club alone ONLY IF a parent has completed an Emergency Contact Card indicating their consent. Children under the age of 16 may not wear a snorkel mask.


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